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Grandad's Island posted 10 Mar 2019

Grandad's Island

We caught up with actors Adam and Marcus ahead of their performance of Grandad’s Island at the Carriageworks Theatre on Tuesday 2 and Wednesday 3 April.

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You toured the UK with Grandad’s Island in 2018, have you been looking forward to getting the show back on the road again?

Adam: Absolutely! It was such a special show to create when we premiered it last year, and I can’t wait for more places around the UK to be able to see the show this year!

Marcus: We knew we had something special from the off, and the audience’s reactions in 2018 confirmed that. So I was overjoyed to hear we’d got a second tour, and look forward to sharing Grandad’s Island with many more people.

What can audiences expect from Grandad’s Island?

Adam: Grandad’s Island is a show with a big heart. To help us tell this beautiful story, the show includes catchy songs, colourful puppets and lots of familiar images that everyone will recognise from the book.

Marcus: A fun time with a gem of a show that will connect, in some way, with all members of society, all ages, all backgrounds... it’s a special show; a show with heart!

Can you tell us about your character and role within the play?

Adam: Grandad’s Island is a story based around the relationship of a Grandad and his Grandson. I play Syd, the grandson and get to relive my youth and be a youthful, adventurous child again!

Marcus: I play the titular role of Grandad, and my favourite person in the whole world is Syd. We have loads of fun...and adventures!! 

Why do you think Grandad’s Island is an important piece of theatre for children?

Adam: I feel like it is unique in that it touches on the subject of loss and grief, which I have never seen before in a children’s show. The play is full of love and hope, but also allows the audience to approach the sometimes difficult conversation of loss. It shouldn’t be a taboo subject and hopefully Grandad’s Island is able to help not only children, but everyone!

Marcus: I believe It’s a fun play that children, and grown-ups, can just come and enjoy. 
I also believe that talking about ones’ feelings can be healthy, and I feel  this piece of theatre is about feelings and relationships. It deals, very sensitively, with human experiences, and feelings around love and loss. The book that the play is taken from, and the play, can then be used as an initiator in conversations about how to get through difficult times, with a positive message that, eventually, everything will be ‘OK’.

Where are you most looking forward to performing on this UK Tour and why?

Adam: I cannot wait to go back to York Theatre Royal again as this venue had such a special place in our hearts as that is where we premiered the show last year. But I am also very excited to tour the rest of the UK as we get to explore the length and breadth of the country.

Marcus: We are lucky to have gone, and be going, to so many lovely places on this tour, and I’m looking forward to performing in all of them. If I was pushed, I am especially looking forward to performing in turns the tour from National to International....another new adventure!