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Cross Europe in one night: see 3 shows from 3 countries in 1 brilliant evening

Each year, BE FESTIVAL packages up three of their favourite shows from their international festival and sends them on a tour of the UK. Out on the road this year, there’ll be a daredevil, an illusionist and a juggling-computer-musical genius, performing 3 nail-biting, 30-minute shows all in one exhilarating evening. 

In Take Care of Yourself Swiss daredevil and circus performer Marc Oosterhoff, lines up a ludicrous amount of whisky shots and downs them, before attempting to perform a series of hair-raising stunts. UK performance artist, illusionist and professional liar Tom Cassani, questions our collective construction of truth and lies in Someone Loves You Drive With Care. Kulu Orr’s funny, pulsating, almost perfectly controlled multimedia circus show, Control Freak, demonstrates his computer genius and desperate pursuit to control everything on stage using various electronic suits of his design. 

We've teamed up with Manjit's Kitchen to offer a traditional vegetarian Indian meal along with the show.


Company Biographies

Take Care of Yourself by Marc Oosterhoff (Switzerland)

Born in 1990 and originating from Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland, Marc received his Bachelors in Physical Theater from the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in 2012. Upon graduating, he left for 6 six months of intensive martial arts training in China.
Through his regular practice of parkour (free-running), martial arts and acrobatics, Marc began to take a close interest in the study of movement in general, and dance in particular.

For two years he worked as an actor (most notably with Grigorij Lifanov and Samuel Schwarz, Compagnie 400 ASA) all while continuing his autodidactic education.
He then enrolled in La Manufacture in Lausanne, taking part of the first graduating class with a Bachelors in Contemporary Dance in 2017.
During his studies he created Take Care of Yourself, (mentored by Lionel Baier), a solo based on physical risk, which was presented at the Quarts d'Heure de Sévelin and which was selected to be part of Tanzfactor 2018. He then created Palette(s) with Cédric Gagneur in 2017.

Someone Loves You Drive With Care by Tom Cassani (UK)

Tom has performed with this show at Camden People's Theatre, SPILL Festival, Axis Arts Centre.

Tom Cassani is a Performance Artist and Liar. Tom's practice of deception has developed and transformed over the past four years, manifesting itself in both text and action based performance. He is interested in how he can use elements of deception, misdirection and lying in his artistic practice. Tom explores what happens when this is applied to text and action simultaneously in performance. Tom has trained in sleight of hand, misdirection and prestidigitation and now use these skills of deceit as an artistic framework to explore truth, honesty, manipulation and fabrication. Often using objects and his body Tom draw on the multiple facets found in Sideshow Stunts. Through performing actions that appear possible but could simultaneously be an honest act of deception Tom invites you to look into his relationship with a practice founded on bending the truth and being honest about doing just that.

Control Freak by Kulu Orr (France)

My name is Kulu Orr and I a multi-disciplinary performance artist based in Israel.
Over the past 25 years I've studied and trained extensively in two fields: On the one hand circus arts, music and theatre; and on the other hand physics, computer science and audio-visual manipulation. With university degrees in physics and mathematics, work experience as a high-tech R&D team leader and a rich history of successful theatre productions, CONTROL FREAK is a product of over two decades of exploration and research.


Standard: £10

Standard with food: £15

Running Time: approx 2 hours, 35 mins including dining interval of 50 mins

Tickets & Times

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    What's On 2018

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    The Stage 2018

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