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As part of Leeds Lit Fest 2019

Jonny Magnanti, a Leeds born actor, interprets Tony Harrison’s still controversial poem,‘V', drawing us into the municipal graveyard, daubed with swastikas and profanity and littered with discarded cans of Harp larger.  In this production, supported by soundscapes from the period, with echoes of the miners strike, the IRA, conflict on our streets and a lack of hope for the working class skinhead at the centre of the internal dialogue, both Tony and Jonny, confronting the issue of displacement and alienation from one's class and family roots. This is a powerful and moving performance which rides well above the swell of 'shock' horror at the use of the 'C' word and brings us down to a simple story of who we are and what our individual legacies will be. ‘Mesmerizing and moving. Really powerful and thought provoking’ 

The show is 40 mins long and will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A.

Chairing the panel is the Yorkshire Post's culture correspondent Yvette Huddleston with performer Jonny Magnanti, author and journalist Anthony Clavane and Professor John Whale, Director of the University of Leeds Poetry Centre.



Standard: £8
Student Price £4

Special offer: purchase tickets for both Beowulf & V for just £10

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  • V is an angry, rueful reflection on Leeds-born Harrison's estrangement from his working class roots and the divisions that scarred society in the mid-1980s’
    BBC website

  • 'V’ is a ‘torrent of filth
    Daily Mail