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Surrealism in Fiction Writing Workshop with Yan Ge

Surrealism in Fiction Writing Workshop with Yan Ge

Surrealism in fiction: being magical, whimsical or uncanny.

As soon as storytelling was born, surrealism came to the world. In fact, surrealistic storytelling used to be the only narrative. As human beings, we understood the world through stories of heroes who fought the sun and housewives who fled to the moon. However, surrealistic literature doesn’t just mean folktales or fantasy. It is in fact a realistic reflection of the world. It can be magical, whimsical and entertaining; it can also be heavy, unsettling and revealing. In this workshop, we will experiment with how surrealistic touches change a story and discuss the possibilities of the surrealistic storytelling tradition in the contemporary setting.


Tickets: £16 

Subsidised* tickets/: £5

*We are offering two subsidised places to students, anybody in receipt of benefits (i.e. Jobseekers Allowance, Universal Credit or PIP), lone parents, and workers on a part time or zero hours contract who wouldn’t be able to afford to come otherwise.

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